As First Motion started its first call in 2010 more than 60 submissions from all over the Baltic Sea Region were handed in at the First Motion offices in Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Norway, Poland and Sweden. Seven succeeded in convincing the First Motion partners with their unique contribution to unlock digital markets in the BSR.

The first call projects experimented with new business models and methods of telling and selling stories and av-content, looked at the topic from a slightly different angle and highlighted varying aspects: some concentrated on the interaction of story and audience, on user generated content and its influence on the final media product. Some focussed on alternative financing methods, time and money saving production work flows and distribution concepts. Others were testing the range of possibilities and the usage of cross-sectorial spillovers in order to create synergy effects between different markets. But what they had in common was that each project functioned effectively as a unique approach to the possibilities of modern communication technologies and innovative usage of emerging crossmedia tools.

Meanwhile, the projects of the first call have finished their work as far as it concerns the parts that were supported by First Motion. Read more about the projects and what their idea was:



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