One of the objectives of First Motion was to strengthen the development of business amongst companies in the field of crossmedia. To meet this end, several different activities were conceived and carried out by the Danish project partners Filmby Aarhus and The Alexandra Institute:

  • Pixel Jam: an intensive three-day workshop focusing on transmedia ideas and bringing creative industries and creative professionals together.
  • The Wheel of Growth: companies from the av-sector were screened for challenges and potentials in their development, in cooperation with consultants from the Vaeksthus Central Denmark and North Denmark Development Centres.
  • DFI-Day: Filmby Aarhus invited The Danish Institute of Film and local politicians to a debate on how to develop and maintain talents in West Denmark. 
  • Passion A/S: a series of workshops structured around various themes related to business development.


Passion A/S: Pushing Crossmedia Business in Denmark

The workshop series Passion A/S targeted crossmedia businesses in the Central Denmark and North Denmark Regions. It was designed to provide the companies with business development tools, allowing them to work strategically and more professionally.

The objectives were:

  • To give the companies skills in business development.
  • To strengthen the network among the crossmedia companies and expand it to other industries, business promotion actors etc.
  • To collect and document specific experiences in relation to future business development courses and policy in the area.
  • To sharpen the companies' international focus.

Each workshop included a combination of keynotes, group work, discussions, networking and pitching. They were planned on the basis of a survey among the regions crossmedia companies in order to meet their specific needs. For the evaluation of the workshops, the project partners looked closely at the process, content and sequence of events, as well as the benefits reaped by the participants. It is based on questionnaires answered by the participants after each workshop.
The evaluation will be used to formulate policies in the area and as direct input in the form of “proof of concept” for local and regional business promotion actors in order to strengthen their endeavours for crossmedia companies in future.


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