Baltic Universe is First Motion’s distribution platform and collaboration tool for filmmakers, crossmedia producers and content owners who see digitisation as an opportunity to unlock the mechanisms of an unknown future. It is a community for artists and audiovisual craftsmen who are interested in finding like-minded business people, networking with partners, exchanging and developing ideas, starting cooperation at all project stages and – last, but not least – distributing content. With the different tools of the platform these interests are easy to realize. The non-profit project is nearly free of costs for its users and the code is open sourced and can be copied or extended if required.


Baltic Universe is a joint venture of all First Motion partners, mainly brought on the way by the University of Agder (Norway), the National Film Centre of Latvia and the Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (Germany).

Smart Platform for Av-Creatives

The Baltic Universe’s functionality toolbox includes: instruments for crossmedia project management, several possibilities to find and contact new partners, e.g. via industry listings, and a variety of self-distribution strategies through the platform, e.g. by creating a personalized website within the platform’s framework or by uploading av-content on the Baltic Universe and embedding it on an external website. Besides, the platform functions as a content aggregator enabling crossmedia producers to become more visible to distributors by exposing av-content to a much wider audience.

In February 2011, the beta-version of Baltic Universe was launched under It was co-developed, tested and improved by First Motion’s projects of the first call. In close collaboration with the av-industry, Baltic Universe was constantly adjusted in the beta-phase to the requirements and changing conditions of crossmedia business and e-learning in media schools.
The final version of Baltic Universe was released at the closing conference of First Motion in December 2012.

With the Baltic Universe platform First Motion launched an effectively working instrument for self-determined networking, project development and distribution within the Creative Industries aiming to fire and stimulate dynamic economic growth within the BSR. By offering such a non-profit tool First Motion contributes to the upgrowth of new time and money saving production and distribution structures, social cohesion and cross-cultural collaboration strategies, new business models and value chains while increasing product quality and availability.

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